We pride ourselves on delivering high quality governance services that really have an impact. In a national survey of client satisfaction with NLGs, satisfaction with NLGs was very high:

  • 98% reported that the NLG had met their needs
  • 96% said they would recommend the NLG who supported them
  • 96% felt that the support provided by the NLG had a positive impact on the chair or governing body
  • 94% believed that the support provided by the NLG led to a positive impact on school improvement

Here are some of the great things said about our NLGs:

The NLG was able to talk through the problem with me and gave me some excellent advice which gave me the confidence to do the right thing at a difficult time

The NLG helped me grow in confidence as the chair. I was new in the role and it was helpful to be able to talk about best practice with him

The support was invaluable in developing the confidence of a newly appointed chair and providing a structured approach to challenge and support

 The NLG provided an independent opportunity for open communication with all governors. This helped the governing board recognise the need for changes in the way that it worked.