NLG mentoring a new Chair

The previous Headteacher had left this small primary school after a prolonged period of sick leave.  Some parents were unhappy with the interim arrangements and carried out an inappropriate Facebook campaign.  The new Chair felt alone and unsupported in the face of all this negativity, including some from the Governing Body itself.

I met with the Chair to talk through the issues and discuss possible ways forward.  We looked at ways of raising a more positive profile for the school and the sort of things other schools had done.

Many governors, even if not openly negative towards the school, were not fully engaged and advice was given about a protocol to monitor governor attendance and participation to encourage better engagement by all.  In conjunction with this we talked about the governors’ strategic role and how to avoid becoming operational which is more challenging in a small school such as this.

As recruitment of a new permanent HT for such a small rural school was likely to be an issue we also discussed other potential ways forward including federation and academisation.

The Chair felt that the support provided increased her confidence in the role and also her understanding of role of the Governing Body.