NLG Coaching a new Chair and Governing Board


This was a deployment to support the Chair, Vice-Chair and
Chairs of Committees
all of whom were new to post following an Ofsted Inspection which judged the school as Requires Improvement in September.  I was also asked to support the Governing Body as a whole by encouraging and enabling active participation to ensure that governors provided appropriate support and challenge to the school so as to raise standards.

Following contact from the LA I had an initial meeting with the Chair and Headteacher of this Church of England Primary School in December.  There was a longstanding issue of under-achievement and poor progress for many pupils, including those in vulnerable groups.

I attended FGB and committee meetings at which I modelled how to ask probing questions, suggested what information to ask for and which governors are entitled to see, explained what some of the data meant and gave advice on how to support the school to take difficult decisions.  In addition there were separate meetings with the Chair and some other governors at which I gave feedback and also worked alongside them to identify priorities for their governing body development and to draw up an action plan.

After about 9 months of support, the Chair and other members of the Governing Body felt empowered to ask challenging questions and to take necessary steps to ensure school improvement. I no longer attended their meetings but remained available to answer questions by phone or email.